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We've upgraded your regular exercise mat and made a foldable, extra thick, lightweight & compact Movement Mat™ - made for all kinds of movement and here to support your body, where you need it the most (goodbye sore knees). We're tired of chunky, heavy and unsupportive yoga mats, so we've created a solution.

Meet the Movement Mat™


We offer a seamless online shopping experience and an innovative product that folds to your body’s desire.


We offer personable education and experience that encourage you to move and play with confidence.


We’ve taken an outdated product and enhanced it to suit the modern mover's needs.


We celebrate and facilitate the unique style and needs of everybody’s movement journey.


We utilise the competency of global makers to ensure a functional product that stands the test of time (and too many mountain climbers).


We bring to you much more than a single product; instead, an inclusive community of movers.

Mouldable, Foldable, Durable

Elevate your movement and wellness rituals without compromising on comfort and style. Meet our foldable yoga mat - a new way to move.

It’s movement on your terms

The premium everyday bag with enhanced functionality that can easily carry your mat and all other essentials for your day.

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The Tote

Beautiful tote. Very good quality!

The Bundle

Absolutely adorable and very functional! Taking this bag on my European travel adventure!

very versatile!

love it

Loved my first mat so much I just I bought another!

Just bought my second mat in a different colour as I loved my first one so much! One for home and one for work. Makes a really big difference on my wrists. Also get plenty of compliments on my mat at yoga class. 🙏 Disappointed though 😕 I just missed out on the free tote with mat purchase as the totes are really great as well.

The Bundle
Sheridan Ruth
Very happy!

Exactly as I ordered and expected. Very happy.

Great all round multi- purpose mat

Tried out my new mat (& tote bag) taking it to Bali recently for a week with yoga sessions everyday- great support for wrists and knees and received lots of compliments from other yogis. Also great for hotel room workouts. A longer size version for my 6’4 husband who also does yoga would be fantastic!

Great concept but too bulky for travel

Great concept with the way it folds up and it is lightweight but for travel it is actually way too bulky. Would be too big to fit in a backpackers back pack and takes up a lot of room in my suitcase.

The Movement Mat™
Sheira Said
The home stretch

I received my Fold Up mat last week and I absolutely love it!
Every morning before I start my day, I fold it out on the floor of my bedroom, do my stretches to release my back and joints, fold it up again and proceed to get on with the day. The fold up is so much better than the roll. Thank you

The Movement Mat™
Hannah Frank
Doesn't withstand spiky massage balls

Love the fold up concept but unfortunately I've ruined mine almost immediately as I use spiky massage balls daily and it has holes/dents.

I've had my previous rubber mat for almost 10 years and it has held up perfectly so I am a bit devo as I was really hoping this would work.

Everyday bag given as birthday gift

I spotted this bag on a colleague and admired the look and feel and colour range. I gave the sage coloured one as a birthday gift to my daughter inlaw. She likes it very much. I like it very much - the practical sizing, pockets and overall shape and materials. I will be buying one for myself !

Perfect bag!

Love the bag! The styling and quality of the material, the huge amount it can fit and the comfort of the straps. I wanted a super functional bag but with stand out style and this bag is perfect. Tried to get a backward selfie on my first outing with it but love the resulting photo, a great match for a great bag

The Movement Mat™
Amanda Calvi
So comfy!

My fold up mat is fantastic. So comfortable to lie on do something daily morning exercises. The fact that it can double up is a godsend for the knees. Great design. Keeps its shape unlike its roll up counterparts.

Perfect for traveling

I bought the bag to go with my new mat, because I travel a lot for work and wanted something to take as carry-on for flying. It holds my laptop, notebook, headphones and the mat perfectly, and feels solid enough for the rough life it will lead, dragging it around the country! Plus, it looks a lot better than my old laptop bag. Love it!

My new faves

The mat is so portable and there is so much real estate and versatility! I have yet to travel with it or take it to a class but love that I have this option to carry with ease if I choose to. I adore the colourway as well. I have been using the backpack as my new office commuter and it easily carries my laptop, charger, headphones, waterbottle and lots of other tidbits. Love that you can expand the opening by unbuttoning the sides, and really appreciate the top zip closure as well as the wide back pocket. Even when I have it packed to the brim, it is so kind on my shoulders. I just wish I bought it in a more neutral colour to go with more outfits. Might need to treat myself to a cheeky backup to coordinate haha!

The Tote
Rhonda Connelly
Smooth, creamy

This coffee is beautiful. I went off coffee about 2 years ago thinking it’s not so good for me and went onto another hot drink. It has additives as well and I would like to respect my body. I was recommended this coffee and although I was hesitant in drinking coffee again , this coffee is divine. Smooth, creamy no tart aftertaste and I know I’m doing something good for me

The Movement Mat™
Cindy Grass
Fold up Mat

Love the mat. So easy to grab and set up. I have sore knees and it allows enough padding for me.

Where is that from? Foldable?

A bothersome question I had to answer at every class. Hahaha. Suffice to say… everyone loves it. If only the bag is not so expensive.

Does Not Slip

The mat lies nice and flat, does not slip or curl and is thick enough for comfort. Easy to fold and store.

Backpack review

I ordered the foldup backpack a few weeks ago to use as my computer bag for work.
It arrived super quick and has been with me ever since.

The Movement Mat™
Carmel reilly
Worthy of a second review

Been using for about a month. And will never look back. Today we did some stomach work in Pilates. My pelvis used to hurt when doing this, it felt great today and supported in the FoldUp. Thank you!

The Movement Mat™
Lewis Kingston
Amazing fitness mat

This mat is hands down there best mat I’ve used. It’s really functional and light. It certainly turns heads when you unfold it

The Movement Mat™
Carmel reilly
WOW! light, no slip, smooth on my joints

A real game changer! I am no longer slipping (esp. doing downward dog) and can easily kneel for exercises (pilates and barre) and my hands feel more at ease (more stable for my osteoarthritis in thumb) so thank you, it is also really light and easy to carry and walk to class. thank you!

Great mat. Folds up and not heavy either so I can easily pack in my suitcase when I travel. I took it to India for a yoga retreat recently, so didn’t take up much room or weight.

The Movement Mat™
Sam McDonald
Sadly not for me

I received this mat as an (early) Christmas gift from my Mum and I was delighted! The Sage Green was so beautiful, I was just completely in love with the clever design and the backpack was fantastic too! Sadly though, I need a lot more grip in my mat, I am used to working with a rubber-on-top layered mat which has prevented me from slipping out of downward dog. With the Movement Mat, I found my palms easily slipping out of downward dog and that is outside of the hot yoga classes I'm used to which will probably only increase the problem. In the past with other non-grippy mats, I've found this quite dangerous when completing fast practices. So sad to be returning this one as I love the concept, the mission and the design but it's just not practical for me. If there is ever a grippy version of the Movement Mat, I will be first in line!

The Everyday Bag
Penelope P
Beautiful bag

Purchased to carry my foldup mat but is so much more than that. Beautiful colour and so soft to touch. Pockets for laptop, water bottle etc. Great design, very useful and versatile.