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Whats included? Our two best selling products in one

"Honestly, a genius idea - I've gone from years of rolling and carrying around a heavy, awkwardly shaped yoga mat, to something that is so easy to carry around, but also provide extra padding on my knees etc when I need it." Elizabeth M.

Customer Love

"As a physiotherapist, pilates and yoga instructor, I switch from different training modalities and always have to come up with creative ways to use a traditional mat for support. However I no longer have to do this as the foldUP provides the perfect option for any exercise! There's ample support for the elbows, knees and hips. It's also extremely easy to use and unfolds/packs away smoothly. I'm totally in love and have enjoyed using my mat DAILY! The carry bag also feels extremely luxe and has enough space for water bottles, laptop and essentials."

Mei H

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Absolutely adorable and very functional! Taking this bag on my European travel adventure!

Sheridan Ruth
Very happy!

Exactly as I ordered and expected. Very happy.

My new faves

The mat is so portable and there is so much real estate and versatility! I have yet to travel with it or take it to a class but love that I have this option to carry with ease if I choose to. I adore the colourway as well. I have been using the backpack as my new office commuter and it easily carries my laptop, charger, headphones, waterbottle and lots of other tidbits. Love that you can expand the opening by unbuttoning the sides, and really appreciate the top zip closure as well as the wide back pocket. Even when I have it packed to the brim, it is so kind on my shoulders. I just wish I bought it in a more neutral colour to go with more outfits. Might need to treat myself to a cheeky backup to coordinate haha!

Alice Baquie
You can stop searching.THIS is your mat

Been a Physio for 15 years, a Pilates instructor for 12 and I can say with full confidence, these mats and bags are five star products. The light weight practicality, the easy origami approach for storage, the capability to change shape to enhance your workout? It’s really got it all. When I leave home, I check for phone, wallet, keys AND foldup mat - all my essentials.

Melissa B
The best yoga mat I’ve had and super cute backpack bundle

Really love this range - it’s super cute and versatile. The bundle is super easy to carry with me to work or just a casual gym visit. The colour scheme is stunning and really motivated me with continuing my practice even when I’m not feeling so up to it.
I love that both the bag and mat also come in cute linen dust bags too which make it easier to keep them clean when I’m not using them.
Even my partner loves it and grabs my pack and mat at every opportunity!