Our Values

“foldUP supports individual exploration and encourages every body to move in a way that feels good - whatever that looks like to them”
Elle - foldUP Founder


We offer a seamless online shopping experience and an innovative product that folds to your body’s desire.


We offer personable education and experience that encourage you to move and play with confidence.


We’ve taken an outdated product and enhanced it to suit the modern mover's needs.


We celebrate and facilitate the unique style and needs of everybody’s movement journey.


We utilise the competency of global makers to ensure a functional product that stands the test of time (and too many mountain climbers).


We bring to you much more than a single product; instead, an inclusive community of movers.

Here To Elevate Mindful Movement

Prioritising comfort and convenience at the forefront of everything we do. It's your move.

About Us

Welcome to a new way of comfortable & convenient movement.

foldUP was created to make you feel more comfortable in your movement rituals - both off and on the mat. Our innovative foldable Movement Mat™ is designed to support your body where you need it the most. We’ve taken an outdated product and made it portable, lightweight and extra thick - because the traditional yoga mat no longer supports the modern mover. We’re offering a solution for sore knees and inconveniently chunky yoga mats.

Through innovative design, an inclusive community, and a commitment to solving problems, foldUP supports individual exploration and encourages every body to move in a way that feels good - whatever that looks like to them.

We are a female-founded, Australian-based brand that exists to empower you on your movement journey. Our Movement Mat™ and bag have got your back (in more ways than one).

Your Movement Essentials

The Movement Mat™

Our mouldable, foldable and durable Movement Mat™ complements movement rituals of every shape and size –even those shaped like a still, cozy Savasana.

The Movement Bag

Our stylish backpack fits your Movement Mat + your laptop, workout wear, drink bottle and more, so it really is the perfect on-the-go bag.

The Movement Bundle

Priositising comfort and convenience with the bundle of your dreams. Save $39 by purchasing both products and choose your fav colour backpack.

Our Story

foldUP is a pleasure project of Elle Kiffer, a Melbourne-based yoga instructor who views her movement rituals as a time to switch off and feel good.

After spending years teaching yoga at various studios across Melbourne, Elle noted the inconvenience of transporting her mat to and from the studio. Surely there was a better way?

"I observed as the many movers of Melbourne would carry their bulky mats with them on their daily commutes and decided to create something practical, stylish, and that can be easily transported from home to studio, to work and beyond.

I've always found certain movements really uncomfortable with traditional yoga mats. My knees hurt when on all fours, and my wrists feel unsupported when holding a plank. I wanted a mat that can support my joints so I can spend less time focusing on the pain and more time enjoying my movement practice.

I’m a fan of all kinds of movement, and this mat has been tried and tested to support them all. My mission is to elevate your current movement routine and encourage you to feel excited to unfold your mat, wherever that may be.

I am excited to share this product that I believe provides a solution for many and can’t wait for you to experience a new way of comfortable, supportive movement on your terms."