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How long will it take to receive my order?

We endeavor to ship your order within 1 business day. Any delays will be upgraded to express shipping as a courtesy. Fast shipping is great shipping! 

If you’re based in Australia, expect to receive your order within 2-5 business days via regular post, 1-3 business days via express post. International orders are shipped via express post and are usually received within 5-15 business days. If you have any questions about shipping, please refer to our Shipping Policy or contact us via We’d be happy to help!

How much will shipping cost?

We offer free shipping on all Australian orders. International shipping is calculated at checkout.

Do you ship worldwide?

We sure do! International shipping is calculated at checkout.

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What if I receive the wrong product?

We check every order before we process shipping, however on the off chance this happens, we will cover the shipping to return the product back to our warehouse and we'll send you the correct order as soon as possible. Please email

What is your return policy?

We want you to love our products as much as we do. If you don’t, we’ll happily refund your order within 30 days, minus any shipping costs. No questions asked. Please contact us via and we’ll guide you through the return process. Please refer to our Refund Policy for more details.


What is the Movement Mat made from?

We wanted to ensure our products are made from a more sustainable fabric than some other mats available on the market. We are constantly working towards the best possible materials for both you and the planet. We’ve chosen a top-grade 100% TPE material that contains no PVC, harsh chemicals, or latex and is an eco-friendly alternative.

We ship the Movement Mat in a recyclable mailer box with a reusable dust bag. While our current logistics chain is not 100% plastic free, we are working with our manufacturers to find a better solution. Have suggestions? We’re all ears -

How do I care for my product?

Both products are really easy to care for. The Movement Mat can be wiped down with a damp cloth or gentle cleaning product to remove any excess sweat or marks. We recommend an antibacterial wipe speficially for gym mats.

The Movement Bag can also be wiped with a damp cloth. This product is water resistant and is suitable for most weather conditions.

Does the Movement Mat contain any harsh chemicals?

The TPE material contains no harsh chemicals or toxins, no PVC or latex.

Is the Movement Mat suitable for a sweaty workout/hot yoga?

Absolutely! These mats have been tried and tested in all kinds of environments both sweaty and dry. We’ve found that the mat gets more grippy over time. Once the mat has been used a few times it is more supportive and non-slip. We love that!

Can I use my mat outdoors?

While the mat is great for outdoor workouts, the fabric cannot be left out in direct sunlight for long periods of time. The nature of the material means that sometimes the map can warp when in contact with the sun, so please keep this in mind when moving outside. 

How much does the Movement Mat weigh?

The mat weighs 1.2kg. For context, most regular mats weigh between 2-3.5 kg so our mat is significantly lighter, making it the perfect on-the-go mat.

What is the Movement Bag made from?

The Movement Bag has a 100% Vegan leather external layer, 100% cotton internal lining and the two clips are made from a matt black metal.

How does foldUP's Movement Mat differ from a regular yoga mat?

We’re so glad you asked! The foldable function of the mat makes it easy to take your mat on the go - whether you like to take your mat to and from the studio, you want a great storage solution for your at-home workouts, or you’re looking for the perfect travel yoga mat - we’ve got you covered. 

Did we mention our mat lays completely flat when folded? There’s nothing more annoying than the edges of your mat rolling up when you’re mid-workout.

This mat doesn’t roll like you’re regular yoga mat, it has 1 fold down the center of the mat and then folds 4 times into the perfect even square.

Will the fold lines get in the way of my workout?

The fold lines are padded which means the mat will lay completely flat when unfolded and there is extra support where the mat folds. We’ve made our Movement Mat reversible which means you can choose which side works best for you.

When the thick lines are face down, you’ll be able to fold your mat into sections, which can provide your body with extra support. We encourage you to find your fold - you might find a way to fold that we haven’t even thought of! Feel free to share it will us :)


Do you do discounts for bulk purchases?

We sure do. For orders of 10+ mats, we offer a discount. Please contact for more details.

I’d like to stock foldUP products in my store, how can I do this?

That’s great news! We’d love to arrange this. Please contact us via