Today we sat down with Vicky from Drishti Studio and we talked all things creative - how she got into the photography space, what inspires and how she landed working with some of the biggest wellness brands in Australia.

We've worked with Vicky for foldUP's last 2 campaign shoots. Her attention to detail, creative direction and ability to make you feel comfortable and confident on the other end of the camera, is what makes her so unique. We love working with her and keeping up to date with the incredible brands she works with. 


  1. Tell us about YOU! Your experience as a photographer and videographer and how did you first get started?

    I studied photography and videography at school when I was 16. When I left school I was told I would never make money with this profession, so I studied to be a primary school teacher (it really wasn't for me, but I panicked!). Once I left university and started to travel the world I picked photo and video right back up, I have never looked back. I have been creating content for 8 years now and I love every moment. My favourite part is getting to meet entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I constantly feel inspired by these people.

  2. What keeps you inspired and what do you love most about what you do?

    My clients are the ones who keep me inspired, when they come to me with a product, or a concept or a vision, it sparks my imagination and creativity. I absolutely love working with female founders, it is my favourite part of the job. 

  3.  You've shot for some epic health and wellness brands - How did you get into this space and what do you love most about these shoots?

    I used to teach yoga when I was 20 years old, it was on a yoga teacher training in Thailand that I ended up photographing all of the other yoga teachers and making videos for the instructors. Once a few yogis heard what I was doing it was word of mouth that created so much momentum for me in the health and wellness space. Now 8 years on I still work with heaps of brands in this space, I love it and really enjoy witnessing the space evolve and grow. 

  4.  What would your advice be for anyone wanting to break into this industry?

    To break into the industry you have to be consistent and persistent. Offer to shadow/assist people you admire, practice everyday and don't stop reaching out to people to see how you can be of service. We worked for pennies for the first year until I felt confident enough in my abilities and skills to ask for more money. At the start, take what you can get and make it magical. 

  5. What trends are you seeing in the health and wellness space? 

    We are loving seeing the shorter, snappy video content. When we first started out everyone wanted long form, talking videos that went into depth about their business or brand. I love at the moment people are using the 'elevator pitch' theme to create video content - get to the point, make people stop and look and show them who you are in seconds. It is such a fun challenge for me as a videographer. 
You can learn more about Vicky's services and offerings on her website or Instagram