There are so many benefits to a consistent yoga practice, both for your physical and mental body. We all spend a little too much time sitting at a desk and scrolling on our phones, and this will certainly take its toll. Yoga doesn't have to look like a 60 minute strenuous workout, yoga can be done anywhere, anytime. We like to think of our yoga practice as little moments that can bring us back to the present. We've created 4 ways to practice yoga, that can be done today and will leave you feeling more grounded and present.

1. Limit your time on social media. We’re all guilty of spending a little too much time on our devices. Set yourself a goal to limit the amount of time you spend on your phone, and instead enjoy the time being present with your loved ones. I love switching my phone to flight mode - I can still take photos and capture the moments but I’m not distracted by text messages or notifications popping up, and I’m really able to give those around me the time they deserve.

2. Move your body for at least 10-15 minutes a day. Find a form of movement that makes you feel good. I’ve learnt over time that less is more, and sometimes 10-15 minutes of movement is all your body needs. A brisk walk, a short yoga flow, or a quick Pilates burn are my go-tos on the days I don’t feel like moving. I always feel better for it both physically and mentally. It’s incredible how just 10 minutes of movement can make you feel.

3. Spend time outside. This is a no-brainer for helping me feel grounded. I love to start my day with a walk outside, without my phone, and just start a little slower. If you feel like the holiday season is an energy zapper, and you are spending lots of time around people, start your day on your own to fill up your cup first. If you’re short on time, see how it feels to get up just 20 minutes earlier to squeeze in a bit of you time.

4. Breath. If you feel like you've been running on adrenaline these past few weeks, chances are you haven't stopped to take a deep breath. The first thing that happens when you're stressed is you start to take shorter, more shallow breaths. Stop what you're doing and take 3 really long and deep breaths. Notice how you feel and take time to tune into your breath when you can. 

Notice how you feel after completing even just one of these suggestions. What does it feel like to move more mindfully, or breath more deeply? Enjoy!