Finding the time to move your bodies can be challenging at the best of times. Many of us are time poor, some of us are back at the office and often it feels like we're just moving through the motions and checking off our 'to-do' lists, one tick at a time. 

We have purposely designed our Movement Essential range to for both comfort and convenience, to be used both at home or at your local studio, and we're all about prioritising a movement ritual that feels good for you and your body. We want your movement ritual to be an enjoyable and comfortable experience - from the moment you unfold your mat to the moment you fold it back up again. Rather than movement feeling like a chore, here are 5 tips for creating an enjoyable and comfortable movement ritual.

1. Put your phone in the other room. There are very few moments in the day when we aren't are contactable. How would it feel to give yourself 30 minutes of phone free time to move your body and focus on your breath? You'll feel more present, have more clarity and focus and those endorphins will leave you wanting more.

2. Find a movement routine you actually enjoy! One of our favourites for short but efficient pilates classes is Go Chlo Pilates. Chloe is a physiotherapist and pilates queen and your glutes will thank you - trust us.

3. Use a mat that is comfortable and convenient. Our Movement Mat was designed to support both your physical body and your feng shui. It can be easily stored out of the way, and folds in a myriad of ways to support your body's needs. Sore knees? We've got you!

4. Set the mood! Use a playlist that matches your mood and your movement routine. Music can be a great way to help you connect to the moment, have a little dance break and enjoy that you time you so deserve. 

5. Find a space in your home that is separate from your work station. There's nothing worse than hearing the sounds of your emails or your Slack notifications (the sound we're all too familiar with) right in the middle of your movement ritual. Even in the smallest of spaces there are ways to seperate your work self from your movement self. Light a candle, make a cup of tea, get creative and let yourself feel good.